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FxMed Centers is truly unique.  At FxMed Centers, your mind, brain and body will receive the integrated approach from a team of specialists. At our functional medicine centers you will receive the kind of care for your mind, brain and body that I would seek for myself and my loved ones. It is truly integrated in that we have brought together, in our NJ location for face-to-face health consultation, a team of specialists in functional medicine, psychology, psychiatry, nutrition and mind-body balance to achieve a higher level of healthcare that is fully integrated. You will receive an in-depth assessment and personal plan of care to help you achieve your best mind-body health.


  • First level health assessment is a lifestyle and diet evaluation. The plan is designed for those who do not have a diagnosis but are seeking an individualized plan based on our proprietary health assessment with our health coach and registered dietician. First level healthy lifestyle plans are available to all interested clients.
  • Second level health assessment includes a diagnostic work up and recommended labs and provides lifestyle recommendations, diet, supplements to achieve optimal health. Second level health assessments and personalized plans are limited to clients who see a health practitioner in our NJ locations.
  • Third level health assessment includes diagnostic work up with our detailed health assessment. Labs that includes a genetic profile to provide lifestyle recommendations and a life plan. Third level health personalized health plans are limited to clients who see a health practitioner in our NJ locations.

All health plans include a minimum of one full session of education about your health status and reasons for the recommendations.

FxMed Centers offers health education and coaching services. The health education is delivered via individual consultation,  a quarterly newsletter, published material and workshops. FxMed Centers has a team of coaches to help you achieve your goals. There are critical moments in your life for which you will benefit from having the right support to achieve your personal goals, whether they are health, work or relationship focused. Our coaches are there for you in your critical moments.

My ideal place for health services is comprised of the following important elements:

  • A practitioner that takes the time to fully listen and evaluate my concerns.
  • A practitioner or professional team that will provide to me a personal care plan for all of my concerns not just for one part of me based on their specialty.
  • A practice that remains cutting edge with ongoing education and willing to do the research necessary to answer all of my questions.
  • A practice that empowers me to take charge of my own health and destiny.
  • A practice that educates me about my health needs.
  • A practice that is working with me all the way to the endpoint of my goal.

At FxMed Centers we intend to give you the best care possible. We provide you with the necessary resources to make the changes that you need to  feel your best. If you feel your best, you perform your best in life and therefore you will be successful in work and love.

Most people wait until they are acutely ill to see a doctor: a typical health behavior that is the traditional medicine model. In functional medicine, the best time to see a practitioner is now, when you are well and want to maintain health, or curious about your state of health and or want to prevent disease by having an in-depth evaluation. If you have symptoms that are undiagnosed and/or you are not responding to traditional medicine for a diagnosed condition or want to see what other alternatives are available to you, then it is the perfect time to see a functional medicine practitioner.

FxMed Centers has a history of success and we invite you to review our testimonials page. The real joy in practice is seeing the result in others who have come to feel truly well.

We will collaborate with your physicians to coordinate a treatment plan. At FxMed Centers we do not replace the care you are receiving from your physicians. We work collaboratively with generalists and specialists.

FxMed Centers has partnerships with www.specializedtherapy.com for those who require psychotherapy in addition to FxMed Centers services and with www.thelifeworkstrategies.com, a center for coaching to improve real life performance in work, school and relationships.

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