The Functional Life program has a proprietary approach to behavior change that is highly effective. Ask yourself, how many times you have committed yourself to making a health focused change, whether it was to get more sleep or to lose weight or any goal, only to find yourself slowly but inevitably falling back into old patterns. Over the years of practice, Dr. Vanessa Gourdine has designed a program with an objective to help you be successful with making a permanent change.


There are defined stages in the program that have resulted in successful and sustained behavioral changes over time. The behavioral changes are at the core of any health program and wrestling yourself free from the routine and habitual patterns that have resulted in your less than optimal physical and mental/emotional health. The program has been tried and tested and with your consistent participation in sessions to address the obstacles to permanent change, she has accomplished what we all seek which is consistency and acceptance of change over time without the feeling of having missed out or lost something that was given up along the way.


No treatment plan is effective if it is temporary and lacking in permanence or the state of contentment and satisfaction when the change has been achieved.

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