Dr. Vanessa Gourdine, PsyD, APN-C, IFMCP, ABAAHP

The Institute for Functional Medicine Certified True health and wellness are not just about alleviating the symptoms of illness but to live fully and at our best. My primary focus for my clients is to help them become the best that they can be by seeking a healthy mental, physical, and emotional state with strong positive relationships and strength from spirituality or philosophy of life. My education and life experience prepared me to take a fully integrated approach with my clients by seeing the whole picture of the mind-body as one complex system. My training has prepared me to provide cutting-edge care based on the best science and research have to offer in the fields of Functional Medicine, clinical psychology, integrative psychiatry, alternative and integrative medicine.  When we are in a state of optimal health our body, mind, and spirit are functioning at their best. As a result, we feel enlivened, energetic, and capable of realizing all of our goals.

Doc-LogoI have completed several advanced degrees. I have certifications in several specialties which include, Functional Medicine, Addictions, Employee Assistance, and child and adult psychiatry with a Psychiatric Mental Health Practitioner certification and anti-aging medicine.

I have completed my certification in Functional Medicine which deepens my training into all systems of the body. It is important to seek a practitioner with certification. The training requires the equivalent of a doctoral degree in course work and academics as well as documented evidence of practice. Before you can take the exam you must present a case to the committee to be admitted into the Board Certification Examination for Functional Medicine (the training, knowledge, and skill required are quite rigorous).

I am pleased with the improvements I see in my clients when they come to believe they can be the best of who they are with treatments that are fully integrated. The process of healing through the use of an integrated mind-body approach within the Functional Medicine model has been a phenomenal experience. I have seen people recover quickly in most instances and their suffering abated in such a way a new person emerges from the treatment. They feel fulfilled and gratified in their lives. Whatever their personal or professional goals, they have increased confidence that they can achieve them. I feel most gratified when they are in fulfilling and satisfying relationships. They are giving to others, and receiving in return in ways that are most important and thus define the true source of happiness and fulfillment in life: the love we receive and the love we give.

I continue to receive and provide education. I am a published author and contributor to several magazines. I am very pleased to hear from my readers and they appreciate the insights I provide. I have been a guest on TV shows, such as Channel Five News and Eye on Bergen County. I have been fortunate to receive the Outstanding Community Service award from Mt. Olive Baptist Church. In this way, of integrating various models of care that are truly holistic and engages the entire mind-body system, I believe I am being the best I can be and I am fulfilled and rewarded by my clients’ progress.

At FxMed Centers, we provide the care you need to progress in your journey towards complete mental and physical health as well as the means to make the necessary changes. All the education and health recommendations are useless if you have not been provided with a means to make a change. To that end, FxMed Centers is a unique place providing the behavioral change specialists to help you reach your goals utilizing our proprietary behavior change model.

Dr “G”, as her patients affectionately call her, is just one of the many specialists on staff including Integrative Medicine Physicians, Functional Nutritionists, Exercise Physiologists, Health Coaches, Acupuncturists, and more, all of whom are experts in mental health mind and body interventions, ready to help you Live the Functional Life.

Dr. Gourdine does not participate as an in-network provider with any insurance companies. Many of the staff clinicians do participate with insurance companies. Our intake specialists will assist you with understanding your insurance coverage and costs and counsel you through the menu of choices.

To receive a highly confidential consult directly with me please call  855-MYFXMED or 693-9633 or schedule@fxmedcenters.com.

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