What Can Functional Medicine Do for Me?

Functional Medicine (FxMed) is the science of health while traditional medicine is the science of disease.  FxMed was and is a natural development from advances in research in the human genome as well as molecular and systems biology. A whole new world has opened up to research scientists and medical practitioners by being able to peer into the inner workings of our cells and their metabolic processes dictated by our genes under the influence of lifestyle and environmental influences.

FxMed is about restoring the body’s natural metabolic processes. FxMed is fundamentally different from traditional medicine. Traditional medicine is best at solving problems brought on by acute disease, such as a stroke, heart attack or blood sugar wildly out of control. FxMed works equally well for prevention of disease by identifying early markers that set the course for chronic disease and for slowing down or reversing the course of chronic disease.

FxMed is fundamentally different from traditional medicine.  A FxMed assessment is extraordinarily different and detailed. The assessment will include an in-depth history beginning with pre-natal information right up to the present. The evaluation will include not only labs but also nutrition and lifestyle habits. We are concerned about environmental factors and will want to know about the status of your life, work and relationships. Expect the initial evaluation to take 1-2 hours, sometimes longer depending on the presenting problems. Don’t expect white coats followed by a brief recording of your complaints. You will be welcomed into our relaxed and supportive environment and given a thorough investigation of your health status that will culminate in a detailed personalized careplan specifically designed to fit your needs.

FxMed provides the most in-depth assessment of your health. You will know more about your health status after a FxMed assessment as we provide education along with detailed recommendations for you to achieve optimal health. All health begins with nutrition as the metabolic processes of our body rely on the resources you give it. These processes can be disrupted by toxins in the body. In addition to nutritional advice we may, depending on your body’s needs, recommend supplements and sometimes prescribe medication if warranted. A detailed careplan for your individual needs will be provided after a careful analysis of your status, past and present. We don’t just provide education, supplements, medication but do provide you with an action plan for a major lifestyle change.

The most important difference between FxMed and traditional medicine is that traditional medicine is disease or diagnosis focused. FxMed is person focused. Each person has a unique set of genes, personal history, mental outlook and environmental influences and therefore all disease processes are expressed in unique ways. Take diabetes as an example. Not everyone has diabetes affecting  systems in your body  in exactly the same way with the same metabolic disturbances and symptoms. To illustrate how unique we are: identical twins with the same risk factors for diabetes, one may develop the disease while the other may not.

Answers to these questions can be found in FxMed. FxMed is person- focused and each intervention will be personalized to your specific needs, genetics, and history and is data driven by the laboratory results and history collected. 

FxMed is for the following people of all ages seeking:

  • To prevent disease
  • To achieve optimal health status
  • To improve energy and performance for work, life, sports, relationships
  • To improve brain chemistry and therefore, mind, mood, sleep, focus and concentration
  • To discover the cause to undiagnosed symptoms
  • To halt or reverse a chronic disease by optimizing mind-body health
  • To overcome a feeling of being unwell
  • To answer any question about your mind/body health
  • To optimize your body’s functioning if you have been diagnosed with a disease.

Our logo summarizes the important components to disease. Whereas, traditional medicine operates in isolation with distinct organ systems: dermatologist (skin), heart (cardiologist), stomach/intestine (gastroenterology) etc…, FxMed doesn’t regard these as separate systems because they are not. Our body is just one whole system that incorporates the mind and brain as part of the whole system.

FxMed doesn’t treat your primary disease, such as diabetes, Lyme disease, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis or other chronic diseases. You will maintain your relationship with your primary care physician or specialist and receive ongoing care. We will collaborate with your physician to improve health outcomes in coordination with the plan your physician has determined is best for you. Functional Medicine will put your mind and body in the best level of health it can be to reverse or halt your chronic disease or to prevent disease.

Instead, FxMed addresses the underlying processes that are part of each and every system. There are seven core processes. These include, assimilation, biotransformation, transport, structural integrity, communication, energy and defense/repair. These seven core processes become imbalanced which leads to the development of disease. Instead of treating the symptoms of a disease, FxMed treats, identifies and rebalances the underlying imbalanced processes. Once the process is restored then the body heals and corrects.


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FxMed Centers Logo

Our logo says it all. The seven bits inside the circle represent the core processes that can become unbalanced. The white center represents the mind and spirit which affects the core processes. The blue arrow wrapped around all processes represents our genes and the green arrow represents our environment. Environment and genetics each play a huge role in the health and balance of the underlying processes. Our genes are affected by the environment, in a process called epigenesis. Epigenetics is the field of study of genes and their response to external influences, such as, diet, toxins, air quality, etc … all of which can, and do, turn on and turn off genes.

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