A health and wellness coach is different from other providers you may encounter. A health and wellness coach does not diagnose, treat or prescribe. A coach is a trained professional. They are a partner, someone to support and guide you toward optimal wellbeing.

A coach facilitates and supports you in taking actionable steps toward sustainable growth and change. You are empowered to take ownership and responsibility for your own health and wellness. Services are offered using a de-stigmatizing, uplifting and strengths-based approach. The coach is an advocate, ally and source of inspiration for lifestyle change.


 What is Health and Wellness Coaching?

(•) A collaborative partnership between the client and coach, (•) Focused on your values, strengths, vision and priorities, (•) A way to achieve and sustain your health and wellness goals, (•) Accountability partnership to increase progress and success, (•) Working through barriers or obstacles to change, (•) Lasting and enjoyable habits and strategies, (•) Strengths-based, (•) Client-directed, (•)Comprehensive, (•) Focused on the present and future, (•) Guidance, support, encouragement, empowerment, (•) Grounded in ethical and evidence-based coaching practice, (•) Personalized to the needs and goals of each client, (•) Practical, realistic and sustainable changes to health and wellbeing, (•) Short-term (typically 12-24 sessions), (•) Structured, concrete, goal-directed, action-oriented, (•) Focused on the “how” (not the “why”, (•) A powerful investment in your wellbeing


A health and wellness coach can help you achieve your goals in the following areas of wellbeing:

(•) Self-care & making time for things that bring you joy, (•) Lifestyle habits & routines, (•) Managing stress & increasing relaxation, (•)Mindset, confidence & self-awareness, (•) Energy balance such as slowing down or reducing fatigue, (•) Optimizing sleep; restoring the body & mind, (•) Relationship with food, (•) Work-life integration & addressing imbalances, (•) Managing a chronic health condition or medical diagnosis, (•) Lifecycle transitions, (•) Maintaining vitality throughout the lifespan, (•) Career satisfaction & professional identity, (•) Meaningful connections & community, (•) Home environment & space, (•) Spirituality, meaning & purpose

Together, you and your coach will co-create realistic goals to help you achieve your vision for optimal wellness. Your coach will empower you to tap into your inner strengths and support you when you’re feeling stuck.

While a health and wellness coach does not diagnose or treat medical conditions, if you choose, with your consent, they can collaborate with your current healthcare team. The coach can support you in following your provider’s recommendations, and help you feel less burdened by your medical condition or overwhelmed by your treatment protocol.


Why should I work with a health and wellness coach at The Functional Medicine Center?

Here at the FxMed Centers, we offer an integrated care model. That means we have the capacity to be a “one stop shop” for your wellness needs. We also have the capacity to collaborate with one another as professionals, to offer you high quality, comprehensive care.

Another important reason is that practically anyone can call themselves a “health coach” and offer services. Yes, really. The industry is not yet regulated by the State like a doctor or therapist is. That said, our health and wellness coaches are not only National Board Certified in health and wellness coaching (NBC-HWC) but has multiple coaching certificates AND is a licensed clinical social worker with over 20 years of experience. She has been working with the Company since 2017, and is a compassionate, empathic and dedicated professional.

Furthermore, private one-on-one or even group health and wellness coaching services can be costly, typically ranging from $125-$250+ per session. Working with our health and wellness coaches will offer a significant cost savings relative to services elsewhere in the community.

All coaching services are offered remotely, at convenient times throughout the week.


Our Health Coaching Providers at The Functional Medicine Center for Health Coaching:

Our health and wellness coach is National Board Certified and has multiple certifications. She is also a licensed mental health professional with over 20 years of experience.


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