At FxMed Centers, we help our clients achieve the full benefits of the Functional Life. Hence, our clients are given special attention with a variety of in-depth assessments using both traditional and molecular based specialty labs along with a personal and individualized treatment plan.

We are here to provide you with the best personalized care possible to help you learn more about your mind and body. We believe that it is you who should be in charge of your present and future health. If you are seeking a face-to-face or remote consultation in one of our locations, we will provide you with an in-depth evaluation and analysis through a detailed history taking, evaluation of your physician’s notes and/or prior labs and then we will provide you with a recommendation for labs based on the data provided. We hope to find underlying root causes to your symptoms and not just medicate you for symptom relief. We want to cure the problem and not make it tolerable as it progresses into a more debilitating disease. In the end, you will receive a detailed synopsis of our findings in writing with a recommendation to start your journey towards the best state of health you truly deserve. We will provide counseling and support on a time frame that is mutually agreed upon and can be as frequent as twice per week in the beginning, based on need, or as infrequent as once per month. Follow up appointments are less frequent once you achieve a healthier status. Once you have achieved your optimal health, follow up visits can be as infrequent as twice per year or once per year.

For a monthly fee of $175 or $199, as a valued Member of Living the Functional Life subscription, you can choose to have any TWO or THREE of the following one-hour professional services (labs which are off site are not included in the monthly fee) per month. The real value here is up to $800.

Routine Health Physical

Movement and Pain Mitigation Session

Mindfulness and Meditation Session

Sleep Assessment

Anti-Aging consultation

Mind and Brain Health Assessment

Exercise Consultation and coaching

Acupuncture session

Yoga Session

Functional Nutrition assessment to help with limiting chronic disease

Health Assessment that includes the Functional Medicine format of assessing each system

FRC certified mobility specialist

Your membership includes free attendance to workshops, webinar, podcasts, and the monthly newsletters which include important news and health tips.

You can cancel at any time or if you don’t use the previous month’s services you are free to add credits to the following month.

Please check out our Menu of Services and Living The Functional Life: The Ultimate Plan page to review how we help our clients achieve the best possible health they truly deserve.

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