FxMed Centers provide holistic health services and health education to the general public in NJ on all topics related to health promotion. Knowledge and insight are the first steps in your journey towards health transformation. Topic areas include but are not limited to prevention, chronic disease management, lifestyle behavior change, stress management, and other topics related to health. FxMed Centers’ philosophy is that we are whole, complex systems connected to and affected by our environment. Any health approach that takes on a singular focus, such as, diet neglects the big picture of all the facets that impact health. Our educational material is designed using the integrative, holistic model of Functional Medicine and our proprietary functional behavior change model.

FxMed Centers provides health education in the form of coaching and holistic health services in NJ, print material, CDs, workbooks, workshops, newsletters, lunch and learns, and our blog. Science is advancing rapidly and the latest developments are based on genetic research leading to the most important and phenomenal change which is personalized medicine. Science is advancing to the point where we can now measure the genetic variations in an individual’s ability to utilize certain medications or deficits in enzymes and other biochemical processes that influence health outcomes. As a result, science will take us to the place where we are able to design and deliver treatments that are responsive to your unique genetic makeup.

Environment plays a very important role as well. Consider identical twins who have very different health outcomes.  Twins who are raised in the same home and attend the same schools will have different mental and physical health statuses. How is that possible? The ultimate influences are one’s mental outlook and the experiences we have in our environments.

Bernie Seigel, MD, a noted physician and surgeon has observed that a patient’s outlook, especially about their chances to overcome and survive illnesses, is a great predictor of treatment outcomes. More research indicates the power of the placebo effect which is ultimately your belief that you will be well. When testing a new treatment or medication, standard research procedures include providing some part of the population with the treatment while providing nothing to the other participants and to the final group of participants a placebo. The interesting result is that many participants taking a placebo ultimately become well. The only difference is that apparently, they believed they were receiving a powerful enough treatment that it would cure them, but in reality, they cured themselves. Science will someday teach us how to harness the power of the mind to promote health. Or, perhaps that day has arrived!

We are complex beings within other very complex systems of relationships, culture, society, and other environmental factors influencing our state of health. We are still in the learning stages of what makes us tick, so to speak, but at the same time, we are at the crossroads from which we will take a huge leap forward on our journey to understanding how we tick. FxMed Centers is about being on the cutting edge of scientific information and translating that information into a workable understanding to help you make decisions about your health-promoting choices.

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