We are a unique facility for the treatment of mind, brain and body using a Functional Medicine and Functional Psychology treatment model which is our proprietary program for achieving optimal health with life-long healthy behaviors. Functional Medicine is a personalized approach to healthcare that focuses on re-aligning and strengthening the fundamental biochemical processes that are drivers to our health integrating physical, mental, environmental, relational and epigenetic root causes.

We Start with an Individualized Evaluation

Triggers, mediators, and genetics are factored into an evaluation along with a detailed history that allows the functional medicine practitioner to create a plan for health, vitality and long life that is specific to your needs. Factors, such as stress, nutritional deficits, toxins, one’s mental state and outlook, (to name only a few) can and do cause core imbalances in your body’s systems.

No matter what your concern is, we treat it all. We are a unique organization with licensed doctors, nurse practitioners, therapists, nutritionists and more to address each component of mind and body health. We are thorough in our look into your personal health, using specialized molecular biological tests, health assessments from certified functional medicine practitioners and specialists in health behaviors. We design a specific treatment plan just for you. No two plans are alike because no two people have the same genetics, life experiences and environmental influences. We provide important anti-aging benefits based on current research. The field of anti-aging is advancing rapidly as we understand the role of genes and telomeres and the effects on the aging process.

Outcome and Results Focused

There are defined stages in the program that have resulted in successful and sustained behavioral changes over time. The behavioral changes are at the core of any health program and wrestling yourself free from the routine and habitual patterns that have resulted in your less than optimal physical and mental/emotional health. The program has been tried and tested and with your consistent participation in sessions to address the obstacles to permanent change, she has accomplished what we all seek which is consistency and acceptance of change over time without the feeling of having missed out or lost something that was given up along the way.

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