We Assist With The Healing Of All Diseases And Conditions. FxMed Centers has an INTEGRATIVE AND HOLISTIC MIND AND BODY HEALTH approach.

Whether it relates to physical, mental, or emotional health we assist with all conditions, and there is no time like the present to come and see us. According to the CDC, 60% of Americans have a chronic disease. We want to help decrease that message, and help you live a functional life. Everything including stress & anxiety, sleep disturbances, mood disorders, chronic fatigue, lack of energy and vitality, decreased libido, loss of appetite, chronic disease, etc. we can help.

Services are catered to not only the array of tangible physical symptoms but also to symptoms of mental discomfort such as anxiety, sleep disturbance, loss of appetite or depression. Moreover, such symptoms could also present themselves as an uncommon occurrence; for instance, a vague change in feeling well or a change in behavior that is not common for that person. The services in Brain, Mind and Behavioral Health are diverse and will examine and evaluate your health issues and complaints in depth, which may affect how your brain is functioning and therefore your mental status. Behavioral changes, such as lack of motivation or change in personality are common when health issues are affecting brain functioning. Treatments are tailored based on results of the evaluation and lab studies.


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Got a Question? Want more information?

Contact us today for YOUR consultation: 855-MYFXMED (696-9633) or visit our Register page.

Got a Question? Want more information?
Contact us today for YOUR consultation: 855-MYFXMED (696-9633), or visit our Register page.


Self-Assessment Checklist



Note: Your responses in this checklist are strictly confidential. These questions are designed to obtain an in-depth understanding of your symptoms and health concerns so that our health providers can provide you with the best possible care that fits your personalized treatment plan.


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