The ancient practice of Yoga is the perfect tool to ensure absolute mind-body health. Yoga enhances focus, attention, and awareness, reduces stress/anxiety, and brings mental calm and clarity to those who practice regularly.


Benefits of Yoga

The rewards of practicing Yoga regularly are numerous: Yoga leads to increased strength and flexibility and results in increased mental clarity and emotional balance. It requires the positioning of your body as you hold the poses to develop your physical strength and stabilize your emotional and mental condition.

Yoga is more than a stretching and relaxation system; it’s the ideal approach for both your mind and body. Most significantly, it’s a complete exercise. Yoga practice can complement various exercises. What’s more, you can receive all the ultimate health benefits at once:

(•) Building awareness of balance and harmony, (•) Flexibility, (•) Relaxation and Tranquility of the mind, (•) Longevity

Yoga will be your preferred exercise if your long-term goal is to reclaim your energy, health, and dynamism.  Your practice can be made more challenging as you progress, or you can take it easy on days you are more fatigued.


Our Yoga Providers at The Functional Medicine Center:

Our expert provider is a highly trained 500+ hour vinyasa yoga instructor, Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) mobility specialist, and Certified NASM Personal Trainer. She is also specially trained in human anatomy and biomechanics led by physical therapists that incorporate Physical Therapy science with the yoga movement philosophy.

Our providers combine what they have learned in their various training disciplines to create a yoga and personal training style that will benefit you and your goals most effectively. You will not only get stronger but also more flexible. More importantly, you will be able to see a change in your daily life and enjoy your life to the fullest.


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