The following menu of services for children, adolescents and adults is not comprehensive but provides a brief description of common areas of concern. At any time you may contact our intake department for a brief telephone consultation to determine if our center is right for you.


Brain, Mind and Behavioral Health

Services are provided to those experiencing symptoms that can be as common as anxiety, sleep disturbance, loss of appetite or depression and as uncommon as a vague change in feeling well and change in behavior that is not common for that person. The services in Brain, Mind and Behavioral Health are diverse and will examine and evaluate in depth your health issues and complaints that may affect how your brain is functioning and therefore your mental status. Behavioral changes, such as lack of motivation or change in personality are common when health issues are affecting brain functioning. Treatments are tailored based on results of the evaluation and lab studies.

Mind and Body Balance

The Mind Body Balance services are designed for those with chronic illness or undiagnosed chronic symptoms that are affecting their mental health. Common chronic diseases such as diabetes will affect mental health from metabolic changes as well as subjective experience of having a disease that requires substantial changes in lifestyle and or diet. There may be difficulties with adjusting to prescribed healthcare regimens in any disease category that our specially trained health coaches can help you overcome. These changes can be difficult to sustain whether from a common chronic disease or from other health issues that impact your mental state. FxMed Centers will provide you with recommendations to help remit chronic disease by restoring the best state of health your body can achieve while coaching you through the lifestyle changes.

Stress and Anxiety

Chronic stress is a killer. Learning to manage stress and alleviate unnecessary causes to stress such as perception or lack of confidence is a primary focus to seeking improved health. Chronic stress can lead to heart conditions, hypertension and other diseases that can be easily prevented with good stress management and reduction in anxiety. At FxMed Centers we are staffed with specialists who can assist you with anxiety. We do not rely on addictive prescriptive medications to remit anxiety but use a proven method of combined, integrative and functional medicine interventions.

Sleep Disturbance

Regular and satisfying sleep is one of the most important contributions to good health. Chronic sleep disturbance can lead to serious mood disorders and is linked to other health conditions such as obesity or hormonal imbalances. Achieving a consistent and natural sleep is a primary focus to good mental and physical health.

Low Energy or Fatigue

Chronic fatigue is a common problem. There is a long list of potential causes to chronic fatigue that can include viral infections, low nutrient status, hormonal imbalances, depression to name only a few. An in-depth evaluation is conducted to seek the cause. A personal careplan is provided to restore natural energy and vitality.

Mood Disorders

Are you experiencing rapid changes in mood or a dull or low mood? If you lack motivation and drive for life you may have depression. Depression has many causes which can have its roots in a physical cause. Not everyone who is depressed has a negative outlook on life. Sometimes you don’t feel well and you lack energy and drive but you know this is not “you”. Or, you may have anxiety and/or a persistent worried state of mind. An evaluation for underlying biological causes will be conducted including a complete psychosocial history to find both internal and external causes to your mood. A personal careplan is designed to restore a stable and happy mood.

Unremitting Mood Disorders

Genetic testing is available to those who have been receiving treatment without a positive outcome. The results can detail your potential responses to various medications or provide you with important information about a biological origin that has yet to be found. The information obtained in this specialty testing can be invaluable to those who are being treated for years without remission.


Healthy Weight

Obesity is a common problem in our culture and this requires an evaluation of health status and a focus on making significant changes in lifestyle. FxMedCenter provides a team of behavior change specialists to assist with achieving the goals that are necessary to achieve a permanent change in behavior with food, exercise, stress and lifestyle. Daily coaching is provided until healthy eating patterns become routine and weight loss is steady.

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are common in women but recently numbers are escalating for men as well. All types of eating disorders are treated and a sound nutritional and healthy lifestyle are provided to offset the nutritional deficits caused by eating disorders. Daily coaching is provided as necessary until healthy eating patterns are routine.


We provide guidance and support through a detox period to help you get started on the next step towards true health. Toxins are common in our environment and food supply. Labs are done to identify the toxins. Education is provided to help prevent and limit exposure to toxins. By eliminating toxins you may also find that your mental health and physical status and vitality have greatly improved.


Clients are evaluated for their particular nutritional needs. Not everyone should be on the same diet. Food sensitivities are evaluated. Genetics will play a role in the optimal diet for you. These aspects of your life and body are important components in the design of an optimal nutrition plan for your specific metabolic needs.



Clients who want to know their health risks are provided with labs and in depth evaluation of their history and family history to determine what their needs are to prevent the diseases for which they are at risk. The best method for protecting your longevity is to know your body’s health status based on your specific genetics, environmental influences, metabolic status and family history. The best time to start is now and not to wait until you have symptoms or don’t feel well. Prevention is meant to start before you have symptoms.

Optimal Wellness

Clients may feel that they are not sick but not feel their best. An evaluation is conducted to determine what may be an underlying cause. At times, the feeling of not being well is diagnosed as depression or anxiety as your physician may not be able to formulate a diagnosis. You are provided with a detailed evaluation of your health status and a plan to achieve improved health.


Chronic Disease Management

Chronic diseases such as diabetes, asthma, depression, anxiety, autoimmune disorders etc…are so common today. Health issues abound and trending higher. To prevent disease clients are urged to start a healthy lifestyle before any signs of illness, but if you have been diagnosed with an illness, FxMed Centers can help by prescribing the healthiest regimen for you. Each person has individual micronutrient needs and interventions to compensate for inborn weaknesses. To help stall or reverse disease, you will benefit from having an assessment with a treatment plan designed to instill the best health possible for you to fight your disease.

Lifestyle Change

FxMed Centers is the perfect place to initiate and sustain a true lifestyle change. The number one cause of most chronic disease is lifestyle. These may include, but are not limited to, living with chronic stress, poor diet (or a good diet that is not right for you), lack of exercise, bad habits or lack of support. At FxMed Centers we will be with you every step of the way to make changes in your daily living and each day will be a step in your journey towards your best health.


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Workshops are provided on a variety of health related topics. Check out the event schedule and register.

The list is not comprehensive and if you call our intake department today, you can learn how our services may be help you. All services are provided with a detailed personalized care plan to create and sustain health for the long term. We provide counseling to assist with changing lifestyle habits in both individual and group formats depending on your preference.

If our center is not right for you, a telephone or in person consultation may lead to a referral to one of our recommended organizations, such as the Functional Medicine Clinic of the Cleveland Clinic or to Dr. Mark Hyman’s Ultrawellness Center.

FxMed Centers are not a substitute for care that you are receiving from your Primary Care Doctor, Family Practitioner and or other Specialist Physician. We will work with your healthcare provider. 

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