At FxMedCenters we will provide you with the personalized care to help you learn more about your mind and body so that you are in charge of your health and future. If you are seeking a face-to-face consultation in one our locations, we will provide you with an in-depth evaluation and analysis through a detailed history taking, evaluation of your physician’s notes and/or prior labs and then we will provide you with a recommendation for labs based on the data provided. We hope to find underlying causes to your symptoms. In the end you will receive a detailed synopsis of our findings in writing with a recommendation to start your journey towards health. We will provide counseling and support on a time frame that is mutually agreed upon and can be as frequent as twice per week in the beginning, based on need, or as infrequent as once per month. Follow up appointments are less frequent once you achieve a healthier status. Once you have achieved your optimal health, follow up visits can be as infrequent as twice per year or once per year.

Your initial assessment takes about 1-2 hours of face-to-face consultation. Your doctor or practitioner will be providing an additional 2-3 hours to review and analyze all of your health data that we have obtained from your in-depth FxMed assessment forms and labs and treatment history from your physician, without you present, and devise an initial treatment plan with recommendations for further testing. The initial evaluation of approximately 3-5 hours are all included in the intake assessment fee.

Based on the test results, a detailed, personal health plan (which can take anywhere from 2 hours to as many as 8 hours or more depending on the complexity of the results), will be provided to you.  You will receive at least one hour of education to make sure you understand your test results and treatment recommendations. We will provide health coaches at your request to help you reach your goal. We are always available for quick questions and guidance at no charge. We collaborate with your physician at no charge.

All services are provided out of network. Our office will assist you with insurance verifications and provide you with the information that the insurance representative has provided to us but we cannot guarantee the information is accurate. Most services, such as coaching for lifestyle changes, are not covered by insurance.

If you are registering for coaching services, you will be given a brief assessment of the presenting issues and concerns and based on the information you will be assigned your personal coach. Your coach will be available to you as you need in the moments you need a coach to help you achieve your personal health, work or relationship goals. Keep in mind that one coaching session is not the usual length of a coaching relationship. Change takes time and effort and for that reason we have devised a competitive rate and coaching packages for 6 and 12 sessions, however you may purchase as many or as few as you prefer.

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