Behavioral Change is at the Core of Achieving Your Personal Goals

FxMed Centers is uniquely positioned with highly experienced behavioral specialists trained in our proprietary behavior change model. Coaching is a critical part of achieving optimal health and wellness in NJ or anywhere. Knowledge without “know-how” is useless information. Behavioral change is at the core of achieving your personal goals and coaching is the engine that takes you to your desired endpoint. Anyone, anytime, anywhere can call FxMed Centers for coaching to achieve your personal goals whatever they may be…weight loss, healthy lifestyle, smoking cessation, and other bad habits, exercise, work or academic performance, relationship coaching, etc… FxMed is about achieving a healthy physical and mental state, thereby reducing stress and ultimately achieving the whole picture of health.

Peer Support that is Both Encouraging and Motivational

Health coaching is rooted in creating a team either in a one-on-one partnership or as part of a group. The team coaching approach is highly effective in creating behavioral change as peer support is encouraging and motivational. Our coaches have advanced degrees in psychology and therefore are very skilled at using cognitive and interpersonal techniques to achieve change in your health and wellness journey. They are experts at building relationships and in the context of a strong relationship with your health coach you are able to achieve your personal goals.

Coaches are used for performance in all areas whether it is health-related, interpersonal, or work-related. Being successful in your life decreases stress and creates the right milieu for you to achieve your best health.

Coaching works through using effective and proven approaches that compel behavioral change. At FxMed Centers, we have a proprietary model that incorporates proven behavioral techniques, such as motivational interviewing, accountability, and other time-proven approaches but we are uniquely positioned in our approach that utilizes a model that is based on your individual needs. There are no canned approaches at FxMed Centers in NJ for wellness coaching.

Dr. Gourdine has developed a behavior change model that is proprietary and personally designed based on an assessment of your strengths and weaknesses. At FxMed Centers, our coaches identify the specific, personal methods that are the right approach for you.

There are many studies proving the effectiveness of coaching with significant outcomes in many areas such as lowering hemoglobin A1C for diabetes, weight loss with significant decreases in BMI (body mass index), and smoking cessation to name a few. Scientific studies proving coaching efficacy are available at your request.

FxMed Centers Offer Flexible Coaching Packages

FxMed Centers offers attractive packages for coaching. You can pay as you go or purchase at substantial discount packages of 6 or 12 sessions.  Remember our coaches are available at times you need them via telephone so that you get the support when you need it in that critical moment. You can purchase coaching services on the Order Services page or go to our Register page.

The time to get started is now. The inner talk of planning to do it or getting started tomorrow means that you are stuck.

Get unstuck with the right coach and move into action in your journey to health with our wellness coaching based out of NJ.

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Visit our partner organization, The Life Work Strategies, LLC to learn more about our corporate coaching program.

Please note that coaching is not psychotherapy and is not covered by insurance.

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