• 29 APR 16
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    The Future of Healthcare

    The Future of Healthcare   Healthcare is one of the most complicated words in our present day vocabulary. No one knows for sure what it means. Healthcare is complicated by politics, economics, and personal choices and often dictated by insurance. According to my beliefs and practices: if healthcare were a pure entity without the external

    • 27 JUL 15
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    Stressed and Exhausted? Tired and Wired?

    Stressed and Exhausted? Tired and Wired?

    Stress is the most common malady affecting most Americans today. If someone is not stressed, feeling free and at ease we wonder to ourselves; “What is that person on?”  We are not accustomed to experiencing a relaxed state and when we do it feels like a vacation. Stress is so common yet it is the

    • 30 JAN 15
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    What is Health Defined by the Functional Medicine Model?

    Do you ever feel like you are drowning in a sea of health information? Have you noticed that most of the information is contradictory? Are you one of those people who are reading every available article and blog and book to make yourself knowledgeable about health issues to empower yourself, but you end up feeling

    • 30 DEC 14
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    What is Functional Medicine?

    Functional Medicine is the science of health as defined by Mark Hyman, the Chairman of The Institute for Functional Medicine. I, Dr. Vanessa Gourdine,  like to refer to Functional Medicine as the science of creating health. Health is a process that you are either moving towards or away from at any given point in your lifetime.