FxMed Center treats a variety of areas with functional medicine. Our goal is to treat and identify and rebalance underlying imbalance processes in your body. Once we can get these processes balanced it can cause your body to heal and correct itself.

We offer our services to children, adolescents as well as adults. Or common areas to treat include mind and body balance, stress and anxiety, sleep disturbance, low energy, fatigue, weight loss, healthy eating, and chronic disease management.

Functional Medicinechronic disease treatment

One of the most common asked questions is what is functional medicine. Simply put it is the science of health, and focus is put on the root causes of diseases. We strive to restore the body’s natural metabolic process and help prevent diseases by identifying early markers for chronic disease.

When you come to see us we will do a thorough assessment that includes an in-depth history, labs, nutrition, and lifestyle habits. We will then do a detailed care plan that is based on your individual needs and an analysis of your past and present.

Care in Maywood

We look forward to serving the people of Maywood and surrounding areas. Maywood is a borough located in Bergen County, New Jersey.  It was incorporated in 1894 and formed during the “Boroughitis” phenomenon, the name came from the name of the station established in the area by the New Jersey Midland Railroad.

Historical places in town include The Maywood Train Station, Oldis- Brinckerhoff House, and Romine-Van Voorhis House.

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Our team is here to help you get the health you deserve and want. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment so you can be on the way to a healthier you. We will provide you with education, supplements, medication, and an action plan to make a major lifestyle change. We are happy to also serve those of the surrounding communities.

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