Creating a Vibrant and Full Life

Hi Reader! When you look at your life, would you describe it as vibrant and full? I hope so but, I have a feeling if you are reading this blog that the answer is most likely No. A lot of individuals are continuing to struggle and feel the effects of the social isolation we endure during the pandemic. But, now it is time to re-claim control and get your life back.

Most people grace my doorstep to attend their first few therapy sessions would describe their life in 1 of three ways:

A) Boring and don’t know how to get the vibrancy back  (Rut)

B) Chaotic and don’t know how to get back on track (Relapse Mode)

C) Nice, full life but unable to internalize and be grateful for it, which leaves them feeling shame.

Often clients describe not living in alignment with their values or feeling as though their life is not goal oriented enough as well. Well, that is where Specialized Therapy comes in. In addition to therapy, We also have a variety of ancillary services; functioning medicine, health coaching, acupuncture, yoga, nutrition counseling, etc.

At STA & FX Med, We help you to develop a vibrant and full life by full evaluating you a person; mind, body and spirit. We assess your social supports, your full life style, sleeping, eating, exercise patterns, previous trauma, hobbies, etc. We help you to identify your thought patterns, dysfunctional/maladaptive behaviors and things that are simply getting in the way of your success and happiness.  Gone are the days of just giving our medication & cookie cutter therapy, We are here to be on the cutting edge to provide a full array of services under one roof. We want you to get back to the person who is fully healthy & proud to look themselves in the mirror.

If you or someone you know is struggling with creating a vibrant and full life, please reach out today. We look forward to helping you!

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