A Guide To FX Remedies

The similarity of some illnesses in terms of appearance might be different for each person when he or she becomes ill. This is the main reason why homeopathy in colds has a number of remedies because not all colds have similar symptoms.


Remedies involving natural supplements should be able to stimulate and regulate the own healing processes of the body. This will enable the body to improve health and strengthen itself. Conventional medication is different, as it is designed to destroy the pathogen.


Finding The Right Remedy


The symptoms of the illness will be the basis for finding the correct homeopathic remedy. Symptoms can be determined via observations and questions. Symptoms that are most striking should receive the most attention, such as sharp and severe pain experienced when sitting.


Take note that not all symptoms will be easily identified, so you must just try to focus on the main symptoms of the illness. This will lead to finding the best remedies possible.


        Possible questions that can be used:


  • When did the patient started to get ill?
  • Where is the location of the ailment or illness?
  • What are the symptoms of the illness?
  • What are the factors that can help improve or worsen the condition?


Heed The Warnings


There is a possibility for self-medication when engaged in homeopathy. Usually, it is not dangerous to self-medicate in terms of homeopathy, but it is recommended that you work with a professional homeopath when you are applying remedies.


Consult A Homeopathic Doctor During Severe Illness


You might have misheard the claim that someone can cure lung cancer only with homeopathy. In severe illness, it is best to consult a homeopathic doctor to ensure safety of the patient.


Home Remedies


It should be easy to get started with homeopathy at home. This is because it doesn’t require you to be an expert in anatomy, pharmacology, or physiology to be an agent. All you need to do is to observe the symptoms of your family, including the changes you might have observed from those symptoms.


Using Homeopathy


You can use homeopathy to treat minor illnesses. Here are some simple steps that you can mimic the process of homeopathic therapy.


  • Observe the symptoms, pay special attention to change in mood and behaviors or environmental factors
  • Take the list of symptoms and try to check if it matches with the descriptions of the remedies. You can pick the remedy that would strongly fit the symptoms
  • You should know that homeopathic remedies come in different strengths. Thus, you can choose the appropriate strength that would suit a particular symptom
  • You can give the remedy you have selected to be administered below the tongue. Then, you have to wait and observe for improvements
  • You may also want to try another type of remedy if there is no real improvement in the symptoms after 3 doses
  • When there are no improvements after the first remedy, you should not despair because it might take a couple of tries before to get it right


You can also seek help from a professional homeopathic doctor to treat common injuries or illnesses if you think it is no longer within your level of proficiency.

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