Functional Medicine and What it Means for Health?

Do you ever feel like you are drowning in a sea of health information? Are you confused about Functional Medicine? Have you noticed that most of the information is contradictory? Are you one of those people who are reading every available article and blog and book to make yourself knowledgeable about health issues to empower yourself, but you end up feeling powerless after you have tried to wade through a deluge of conflicting and confusing health recommendations?

You are not alone. You are part of a very large group of individuals who are trying their best to figure it out. You will hear the pros and cons and many arguments for and against certain health practices. Don’t even try to figure out which way to go with all the diets highly touted at the moment to lose weight and maintain health. You have no chance of figuring it out and when you do, something new comes along that sounds and feels like the latest and greatest thing to do.

I, Dr. Vanessa Gourdine,  will explain to you what to do and my explanation will make the most sense to you and you will know in your heart that it is the truth. The truth is that there is no one perfect way to be healthy. Your health practice is not something you can find in a book or the latest article on a specific topic. Your health practices should be designed specifically for you and your specific needs based on actual data about your body, your history, and the environment in which you live. A diet that is perfect for one person is not perfect for the next. If a diet is perfect for a person at any given moment in time, it is likely to change with age, environmental influences, etc…

The common-sense approach to health is really based on your specific physical and mental needs within the context of your personal history, environmental influences, and genetics. At FxMed Centers, we treat each person as a unique individual with your own specific needs. You will receive personalized care plans based on the data provided to us which is carefully analyzed and organized in a way that is delivered back to you with specific and detailed steps to put you into action. Our personalized care plans are designed for achieving the best state of mental and physical health given the resources we have available to us today.

We are unique in that we have a team of behavioral specialists that will assist you in achieving the behavioral changes that will help you meet your goal. The team is comprised of highly experienced behavior change specialists. Have you had the experience of wanting to make a change in your diet, lifestyle, exercise, or mental state only to find that you struggle and fall back into old patterns? This is typical for most people and all the health information in the world is useless until you can actually implement the change into your life in a consistent manner over time. Try our health coaches who are trained in our proprietary behavior change model.

Some of the most important factors to know about your health status in the immediate, which you are probably lacking, are these:

Nutritional Status (Intracellular)

Hormonal Balance

Methylation Status

Toxins and Detox Status

Nervous System Balance

Early Indicators for Chronic Disease

If diagnosed with a chronic disease: Interventions to address the root cause

If you don’t know the answers to these very important aspects of your current health status, then you are at a loss to take the right steps to achieve optimal health. At Functional Medicine Centers, we are here to help you learn about your mental and physical status and specific steps to take to achieve your optimal health.

The best time to have a functional medicine consult is now. If you are feeling well, feeling ill or just curious about your health status, functional medicine works best at achieving the optimal state of health you can achieve.

If you have mental or physical concerns contact specialized therapy at 201-488-6678 and contact The Functional Medicine centers for Personalized Care, LLC at 201-880-8247.

We work with your physicians to collaborate on a treatment plan.

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